City Guide

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General Info

Currency: Euro (€)

Language: The official language is Dutch, but nearly everyone speaks English as a second language. 

Electric: European two pronged plug- Remember to pack your adapter!  

Coffee Shops

Amsterdam is famous for its coffeeshops, and with over 100 dotted around the city, you’ll never be too far from a space cake… 

Our tried and tested coffee shop recommendations: 

Cafe Hill Street Blues

A grungy bar, complete with Graffiti & Drum and Bass/Jungle/Garage 

The Bulldog The First Coffeeshop

The original ‘coffee shop’, a magnet for tourists with a lively atmosphere

Smokey Coffeeshop

Great tunes, great vibes and great decor 

Barney’s Coffeeshop 

The ‘place to be’ with locals, one of the best vibes in Amsterdam

Grey Area 

Popular with Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill – do we need to say any more?

Winter Break Amsterdam Drug Policy here.


There are over 1100 bars in Amsterdam, so you won’t struggle to get bevvd! Can’t decide where to go first? We have carefully selected our top 5 favourite bars for you… 

Ton Ton Club Centrum 

For old school arcade games, ball pits and drinks (great for craft beer)! 

FUEGO Shooter Bar 

For cheap shots with 250 crazy flavours and some added fire! 

Bar Lux 

One of Amsterdam’s most popular bars. For a fashionable crowd and cocktails

The Old Sailor 

For a quirky pub, red light district and singalong classics 

The Waterhole 

For live music, pool tables and cheap pints 

Things To Do During The Day 

Explore the red light district

Truly a place like no other, the red light district is hard to describe. Notorious for the nightlife, promiscuity and all things erotic- The rumours about the red light district? They’re all true. 

But it has a lot more to offer- It’s packed with eccentric shops, forward thinking galleries and places to eat- definitely worth exploring! 

Hire a bike 

Amsterdam is the most cycle-friendly city in the world and EVERYONE gets around by bike! Most streets have separate bike lanes and it’s super easy to navigate around. You won’t have to look hard for rentals either- there’s practically one on every corner 

Our tip? Look out for tram grooves- you don’t wanna get your wheel stuck in there!! 

Eat your way through the city (Pictures to match: Eat. Hover over image to say: Stroop Waffles are a must!)

If there’s one thing the Dutch do exceptionally well, its food. Expect Stroop Waffles, Dutch Pancakes, loads of cheese, Bitterballen (crispy meatballs), Poffertjes (mini pancakes) + so much more! The brunch options are endless 

Heineken Experience 

Visit the Heineken Experience for an interactive tour through the beer giant’s history in a former brewery. Plus, experience a 4D adventure to discover what it’s like to be a bottle of Heineken 

Tours not your thing? It’s worth it for the free beer. 

Visit the Sex Museum 

For the curious minded. We’re not sure if this one needs an explanation… 

Most Instagrammable Places

Amsterdam is the most stunning city in Europe. The beauty of Amsterdam is built around intricate canals, breathtaking architecture, and modern technology. Every corner of the city is perfect for your Instagram feed, but here’s a few of our faves 

Amsterdam Light Festival

Explore Amsterdam’s beauty with the annual Light Festival, which illuminates the city with seriously impressive light installations! The festival pops up along the canals and city centre from late November to January.

Hire a boat 

There are over 160 canals in Amsterdam, so it’s safe to say that you can get pretty much everywhere by boat! You’ll be granted the best views of those classic Amsterdam-style houses, countless bridges and cute houseboats. You can bring alcohol, food, or smoke onto most boats too. 

Christmas Markets

During the winter months, Amsterdam is littered with adorable markets selling food, gifts and crafts. The most picturesque markets include; Ice Village (Held at the front of Rijksmuseum), Amsterdam Winter Paradise (RAI) and Funky Xmas market (Westergas). 

Looking for something a bit weird?

There is a cat boat in Amsterdam. If you’re looking for quirky things to do and you like cats, visit the Poezenboot. It’s an animal shelter where they have more than fifty cats.